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Butadiene rubber market clearing price for the price to continue to hedge spell…

1. Butadiene rubber Valuation

Product Area 6 5 June Valuation 6 June Valuation Change Price Change (%) Unit
BR9000 Shandong 13300 13100 -200 1.5% Yuan / ton
BR9000 Shanghai 13400 13200 -200 1.49% Yuan / ton

Today Qilu Shun Ding estimated 13,100 yuan / ton, Shanghai Takahashi butadiene estimated 13,200 yuan / ton, Shandong Qilu Shun-butadiene rubber transaction prices fell less than yesterday, but the downstream buying sentiment in general, the overall market trading volume blocked, so merchants offer meaningful, firm talks.

2.  News

Today Sinopec drop in price for butadiene for 500 yuan / ton settlement, down 300 yuan / ton to continue hedging, market reactions in general, household operation carefully planned, most are open now to go.

Dynamic devices: Jinzhou Petrochemical by the end of April Parking, specific driving time to be determined; Rand Petrochemical butadiene unit parking, specific driving time undetermined; Baling Petrochemical parking plan early May, the specific opening date yet; TSRC May 1 parking, it is learned the January device is turned on.

Petrochemical enterprises Plant operation
Yanshan Petrochemical 12 tons / year plant load 90%
Takahashi petrochemical Gao Qiao Petrochemical 120,000 tons / year butadiene plant starts full load, about 290 tons per day.
Qilu Petrochemical 7 tons / year butadiene 3 Qilu Petrochemical production line to resume operation
Baling Petrochemical Baling Petrochemical 60,000 tons / year plant parking
Daqing Petrochemical Daqing Petrochemical 160,000 tons of butadiene two lines running; New 80,000 tons / year of nickel polybutadiene rubber plant two lines running.
Jinzhou Petrochemical Jinzhou Petrochemical 30,000 tons / year high cis polybutadiene rubber plant at the end of April Parking
Dushanzi 3 million tons / year butadiene unit normal operation

Unit: yuan / ton

Sales Company Producers Quote (yuan / ton)
North China Branch of Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical 12920
Qilu Petrochemical 13000
Sinopec South Branch Yanshan Petrochemical 13500
Fu rubber petrochemical 12800
South Branch of PetroChina Daqing Petrochemical 13200
Rand petrochemical 13000
Northwest Branch of PetroChina Dushanzi 13300
Daqing Petrochemical
PetroChina Northeast Branch Daqing Petrochemical 13300
Jinzhou Petrochemical 13300

3. Market dynamics

Today butadiene market confusion, traders offer upside magnitude deeper, but do not buy or downstream, lower prices demand procurement and serious inquiry, businesses sporadic shipments.

As of this morning, butadiene rubber market price (Unit: yuan / ton)
Market Takahashi butadiene Qilu Yanshan Baling Daqing Fu Rubber Rand
Shandong market 13000 13100 13100 12900
Hebei market 13100 13100
Shanghai Market 13100 13100
Zhejiang market 13200 13000
Fujian market 13300 12600 13000
Guangdong market 13300 12600 13000

4. Aspects and Impacts

Currently downstream start gradually into the off-season, weak demand continue to constrain the market turnover of the atmosphere, coupled with the lack of natural futures rebound, domestic butadiene feedstock for the price cut negative factors, such as multiple windows open under pressure, traders bearish outlook on the market, the spot cheap Paohuo holder, control risk sentiment evident, but not with downstream purchasing cheap atmosphere still Guadan trading firm, expected tomorrow pattern continued weak market conditions, trading in general.

Translated by Google Translator from http://market.cria.org.cn/25/14976.html

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