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Lanxess introduces new neodymium polybutadiene

LANXESS recently launched two new easy processing neodymium polybutadiene rubber Buna Nd 22 EZ and Buna Nd 24 EZ. Development of new products for the tire to provide more choices.

According to reports, the new neodymium polybutadiene rubber Buna Nd 22 EZ and Buna Nd 24 EZ modification technology to create long chain branching, thus speeding up the filler and rubber fast and reliable integration, and improve processes. In addition, modification of the polymer also enhances the inter-phase distribution of the filler in the final mixing of the dispersion of the compound and therefore improved. Both new products are available for sampling and volume production for industrial use.

LANXESS Performance Butadiene Rubber business unit head Dr. Geru Bo said: “Our neodymium polybutadiene rubber is the production of high-performance low-rolling resistance tires key material. Performance tires can reduce fuel consumption and help to significantly reduce the carbon dioxide emissions on the road. “

Translated by Google Translator from http://news.cria.org.cn/5/17324.html

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