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US and Canadian vinyl trade groups unite

February 19, 2016 Updated 2/19/2016

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US and Canadian vinyl trade groups unite

Washington — The Washington-based Vinyl Institute has established a self-funded business council in Canada to expand its representation of industry interests in North America.

The Vinyl Institute of Canada has work goals that are consistent with the Vinyl Institute’s 2016-2019 strategic plans and as a partner with a similar focus it will give the two entities one North American voice on behalf of members.

The partnership was announced Feb. 18 by VI President Dick Doyle and Vinyl Institute of Canada President Aiñe Curran.

“Bringing both the U.S. and Canadian vinyl associations together under one roof will enable the North American vinyl industry to more effectively and efficiently advance the industry’s interests,” Doyle said in a news release.

Doyle described the new partnership as a “powerful and sophisticated alignment” and he said it “will allow for nimbler and unencumbered responses by the industry on behalf of its members, while providing an environment where collaboration between the two organizations can be achieved; representing all sectors of the vinyl industry.”

Veso Sobot, chairman of Vinyl Institute of Canada, said “the vote to propel this alignment was a unanimous vote by members on both sides of the border; clearly an indication that this alignment is not only timely, but is a very much a desired outcome for all of our members across North America.”

The Vinyl Institute of Canada represents the interests of the country’s vinyl resin and product manufacturers.

Founded in 1982, the Vinyl Institute represents the leading manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chloride monomer, vinyl additives, and modifiers. In the United States, the vinyl industry employs more than 350,000 at nearly 3,000 facilities. The trade group estimates the sector’s economic value is $ 54.4 billion.

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