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Seasonal characteristics of rubber are strong

According to data from China Customs in January, China imported 693,000 tons of natural rubber (12325, 150.00, 1.23%) and synthetic rubber (including latex), a year-on-year decrease of -11.2%. At present, the main rubber producing areas in Thailand have gradually entered a period of reduced production, supply pressure has decreased, and raw material prices have been firm. There are still pressures on the stocks in the domestic market, and the contradictions still exist. Recently, the rubber trend is strong, the price low position is gradually raised, and the short position pressure is weakened. Due to the lack of negative factors in the current fundamentals, the bulls are expected to take advantage of seasonal production cuts to boost rubber prices, but the overall upside is limited, and arbitrage funds will be repeatedly suppressed.

In terms of trading strategies, the short-term trend of rubber is strong and is expected to rise to 12,000 points. We recommend to adopt a hedging strategy, holding RU1905 contract shorts, adding RU1905C11750 call options, closing positions, buying RU1905C13000 call options, holding positions with RU1905P10500, and multi-head structure.

Translated by Google Translator from http://www.cria.org.cn/newsdetail/47653.html

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