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Domestic butadiene market offer rose on February 22

First, the price trend

Recently, the domestic butadiene market offer rose. Business community monitoring showed that as of February 22, the price of butadiene was 9456 yuan / ton.

Second, the analysis of influencing factors

Products: Domestic butadiene market offer rose, Panjin butadiene has no export, Fushun butadiene auction price has risen, supporting market players’ mentality, but downstream demand has been slow to follow, and limited ability to accept high-priced goods, inquiry The atmosphere is still cautious. The market for butadiene in Shandong is still good, and the price of the northeast manufacturers is high, which boosts the market offer, but the downstream inquiry is more cautious. The market atmosphere of butadiene in East China was generally high. Under the boost of the transaction price of the northeast manufacturers, the market offer was higher, but the downstream inquiry was slightly cautious and the transaction was general. Asian butadiene closing price, FOB Korea average price of 1110-1118 US dollars / ton; CFR China average price offer 1095-1103 US dollars / ton.

Industry chain: styrene-butadiene rubber: domestic styrene-butadiene rubber market volatility. The ups and downs of Tianjiao slightly affected the mentality, but butadiene bidding and trading prices have increased, but the styrene-buttal offer slightly fluctuated, but the transaction was average. Butadiene rubber: The domestic butadiene rubber market is trading in a narrow range. The overall offer price of the merchants was stable, and the atmosphere of the inquiries was weakened compared with the previous two days. However, the merchants’ low intentions were low, and the negotiated transaction price was at the ex-factory price of 50-100 yuan/ton. SBS: The domestic SBS market oil rubber and dry rubber roads were narrowly arranged and the atmosphere was light.

Third, the market outlook

On the positive side, demand is expected to gradually recover; in the bearish sector, the external disk price is weak and the supply side is abundant. As the inventory pressure of manufacturers gradually decreases and supports the market, the butadiene analysts of the business community expect that the short-term domestic butadiene market will maintain a high level of consolidation and pay attention to market transactions.

Translated by Google Translator from http://www.cria.org.cn/newsdetail/47733.html

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