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March 27th, butadiene rubber ups and downs

Product Name: Butadiene Rubber BR9000

The latest price (March 27): 11,487 yuan / ton

Analysis points: Today, the domestic ex-factory price of butadiene rubber manufacturers is stable, and the ex-factory price of raw material butadiene petrochemicals is lowered by 500 yuan/ton, and the cost is cheaper. According to business monitoring, as of March 27, the ex-factory price of Qilu Shun Ding rubber remained at 11,400 yuan / ton; the market price of butadiene rubber in Shaanxi was stable, and the current mainstream of Dushanzi Shunding was 11,350 yuan / ton, Daqing Shunding mainstream newspaper 11300 Yuan/ton, Sichuan Petrochemical mainstream reported 11200 yuan / ton; Shanghai area butadiene rubber market prices fell, currently Daqing, Sichuan reported 11,450 yuan / ton; Yangzi Shunding mainstream reported 11600 yuan / ton; Jinzhou Shunding mainstream newspaper 11,550 yuan / ton. Downstream on-demand enquiries, market transactions were weak.

Market outlook: It is expected that the price of butadiene rubber will continue to be weak in the short term.

Translated by Google Translator from http://www.cria.org.cn/newsdetail/48204.html

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