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Dachang price adjustment butadiene cut prices to inventory (2.17-2.21)

I. Price Trend 

The domestic butadiene market is still lower this week. The monitoring of the business agency showed that the domestic butadiene market price was 6,626 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week, and the butadiene market price was 6,393 yuan / ton at the weekend. The price fell 3.52% during the week, and the price fell 20.92% month-on-month and 31.43% year-on-year.

Analysis of influencing factors

Product: This week, the domestic butadiene market continues to be weak. Although logistics and downstream latex factories have resumed work in the middle and late weeks, manufacturers’ raw material inventory is relatively abundant, and the market lacks new order transactions to follow up. In the short term, there is ample spot supply in the outer disk and tank farms. There is no significant price difference between the north and the south to stimulate the circulation of supplies. The supply side of the market is still under pressure. The downstream inquiry is slightly cautious. Some high-price offers in the north lack real order support. In terms of price, the delivery price in Shandong is 6350-6600 yuan / ton, and the price in East China is 6500-6600 yuan / ton.

In terms of enterprises, Sinopec Huadong Butadiene’s supply price was reduced by RMB 200 / tonne to RMB 6,800 / tonne; Liaotong Chemical’s butadiene was priced at RMB 5,710 / tonne, which was RMB 900 / tonne; Dalian Hengli’s 140,000 tons / year The butadiene unit is operating normally, and some of the spot products are exported. The price is referenced at 5,710 yuan / ton. The 70,000 tons / year butadiene unit in Jiutai, Inner Mongolia is operating normally. The negative market dragged the market down. The CFR Mainland China price fell 10.34% month-on-month to 780 US dollars / ton. It was heard that lower-price sources of supply were traded to Taiwan.

In terms of industrial chain: styrene-butadiene rubber (11425, -325.00, -2.77%): This week, the mainstream ex-factory prices of domestic styrene-butadiene rubber sales companies have gradually decreased, with the cumulative decline ranging from 400-800 yuan / ton, only CNPC North China has not yet Followed by the last wave of amplitude. The styrene-butadiene plant operating rate was around 5.1%; Jihua, Fushun, Lanhua, and Bridgestone styrene-butadiene plants were operating normally; Qilu, Yangzi, and Shenhua styrene-butadiene plants continued to reduce load; Weitai styrene-butadiene plant restarted operation At present, it is in production on the front line; Danaxo in northern Liaoning currently produces solvent-polymerized styrene-butadiene rubber and plans to schedule production until the end of this month. In addition, Tianjin Lugang, Hangzhou Yibang and Fu rubber chemical styrene-butadiene rubber units continue to stop.

Butadiene rubber: This week, the domestic mainstream sales company Gao Shunde rubber ex-factory price fell from the previous cycle, ranging from 400-800 yuan / ton; only CNPC North China sales company did not follow the decline of 400 yuan / ton on February 18 In the later period, we need to pay close attention. The operating rate of domestic high-shun butyl rubber plant is maintained at around 5.8%. The inventory pressure of some enterprises is relatively large, and the operating rate has slightly declined. The overall operating rate of butadiene rubber has not changed much from last week.

On the plus side, the price gap between butadiene and synthetic rubber is large, and the downstream profits are considerable; the low market fluctuations have attracted downstream bargain hunting; the downstream latex industry has resumed work and logistics resumed. On the negative side, there was no price difference between the north and the south, the supply of goods encountered resistance, the supply of external disks was plentiful, the market fell, the supplier equipment was operating normally, the supply was stable, the spot cost of the tank farm was high, and the warehouse was slow. Butadiene has fallen sharply and widened the price difference between synthetic rubber. Sporadic manufacturers’ bargains have provided some support for the butadiene market. At the same time, the short-term resumption of work in the latex industry and the continuous recovery of logistics may effectively stimulate the butadiene spot circulation speed. . However, some manufacturers still have a certain amount of raw material inventory, and the butadiene industry has a stable output and ample spot supply in the tank area. At the same time, the external disk market is under pressure and it is difficult to sustain the short-term market. The butadiene analyst at the business agency predicts that In the next cycle, if the export sales in the north increase, the market will still be weak. It is recommended to pay attention to the supplier’s news and the downstream start-up situation.

Translated by Google Translator from http://www.cria.org.cn/newsdetail/53182.html

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