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Toyo Tires Welcomed to the Caterham Roadsport, Seven 270R and Seven 310R Championship

Toyo Tires Welcomed to the Caterham Roadsport, Seven 270R and Seven 310R Championship

This news puts the three main Caterham championships in the UK on the same tyres in 2024, making it easier for drivers to enter events in multiple championships. At the 7 Race Series,  drivers from the ‘Caterham Graduates Racing Club’ are welcomed to the 7 Race Series  this year following the Club’s move to Toyo Tires for 2023. With the Caterham Roadsport, Seven 270R and Seven 310R Championships now being on the Toyo R888R from 2024 onwards, it will give more great racing opportunities to the whole Caterham racing community.

7 Race Series invite drivers from the Caterham Roadsport, Seven 270R,  Seven 310R Championships and the Caterham Graduates Racing Club to join them at the fantastic Caterham Festival at Estoril in November. What better way to introduce yourself to the new tyres than withfour days of on track action, including a huge amount of testing time and four fantastic races in the friendliest environment in motorsport, on one of the greatest circuits in Europe.

“It’s great news to see more Caterham racers on the Toyo Tires R888R for 2024,” said 7 Race Series Manager Sean Bicknell. “We look forward to welcoming more drivers to our championship next season,” he added.

“The 7 Race Series has been running the Toyo R888R for eight years. It is a fantastic all round tyre and perfect for good, clean, fair Caterham racing,” added Andy McMillan. “With the correct setup, which we have been perfecting over our long relationship with Toyo Tires, the Caterham is a fantastically communicative and balanced race car. We are more than happy to help the new drivers get a head start with their 2024 setup, and where better to do that than at Estoril this November”.

Alan Meaker, on behalf of Toyo Tires UK added: “We are proud to be the tyre of choice for the three main Caterham Championships in the UK. The R888R has been a great success for Toyo Tires, with its fantastic on–track wet and dry grip and stability, it has a lot to offer the Caterham cars. Our long-standing relationship with the 7 Race Series has enabled us to develop this perfectly, creating the best all-round tyre option.”

For further information and contact regarding Toyo Tires, see www.toyo.co.uk

Source: Tyretradenews

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