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Brief analysis of the development of China’s rare earth butadiene rubber industry

As we all know, the process technology of butadiene rubber can be divided into the following five major systems according to the different catalytic systems: nickel (Ni) system, cobalt (C0) system, lithium (Li) system, titanium (Ti) system and rare earth (neodymium Nd) system. Rare earth butadiene rubber, also known as neodymium butadiene rubber, is a type of butadiene rubber polymerized by a catalytic system mainly composed of rare earth metal neodymium. Because the rare earth butadiene rubber with neodymium elements as catalyst has high strength and resistance to flexing , Low heat generation, wet skid resistance and low rolling resistance. Using this rubber as a raw material to make tires can greatly improve the quality and performance of tires.

Brief analysis of the development of China's rare earth butadiene rubber industryThe global rare earth butadiene rubber production capacity is mainly concentrated in markets such as Asia and Europe. The 140,000 tons/year rare earth butadiene rubber plant of Singapore’s ARLANXEO is the world’s largest supplier of rare earth butadiene rubber. In addition, the rare earth butadiene rubber products of Russia’s NIZHNCKAMSK are also in circulation.

In the research on the Chinese rubber market, the rare earth butadiene rubber successfully developed by Jinzhou Petrochemical Company and Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for several times in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences filled the domestic gap of this type of rubber; follow-ups include Yanshan Petrochemical, Huayu Rubber, and Shanzi Petrochemical and other companies all have production capacity. In particular, after the transformation of nickel-based high-shun butadiene rubber equipment by Zhejiang Chuanhua and Sichuan Petrochemical in the past two years, the production capacity of rare earth butadiene rubber in my country has been continuously enlarged.

As of November 2020, the industrialized (quantified) production devices in China’s rare earth butadiene rubber market are mainly Yanshan Petrochemical and Zhejiang Transchem. In addition, Sichuan Petrochemical also owns after partial transformation of its nickel-based butadiene rubber equipment. The annual production scale of 50,000 tons of rare earth butadiene rubber has been increased, and trial production will start in November.

As China’s domestic rare earth butadiene rubber products increase in production, quality, and technology, they are expected to squeeze part of the import market. And with the continuous development of my country’s expressway industry, high-performance tires have gradually increased their requirements for raw material performance in the direction of radialization, flattening, tubeless and “three-in-one” and green tires. The use of rare earth butadiene rubber Achieve continued improvement in volume.

Translated by Google Translator from http://www.cria.org.cn/newsdetail/57499.html

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