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China: Synthetic Rubber Daily Briefing on September 30


Styrene butadiene rubber: Today, due to the high level of Shanghai rubber prospecting and the increase in the price of styrene butadiene rubber by some sales companies of Sinopec and China National Petroleum Corporation, the market for styrene butadiene rubber is on the rise. The tentativeness of the order is improved, but the inquiry is biased towards the middle link, the actual inquiries at the terminal are average, and the transaction performance is also mediocre. Jinlianchuang believes that under the influence of hype and supply-side policies, styrene butadiene rubber is still expected to rise after the holiday, but it is necessary to pay attention to policy changes. As far as the long-term trend is concerned, keep a bearish mindset.

China: Synthetic Rubber Daily Briefing on September 30Butadiene rubber: Today, the domestic butadiene rubber market exhibits high volatility. Near the holiday, the spot volume on the market is small, the overall offer price of the merchants is at a high level, the on-site replenishment is coming to an end, and the spot transaction volume is not much. Jinlianchuang believes that in the medium and long term, butadiene is low, demand is consumed in advance and the overall situation is weak, and the market situation is still not optimistic.

SBS: Today, the oil glue and dry glue roads in the domestic SBS market are going up. In terms of oil and rubber: Sinopec South China F875 advance receipts were raised by 300 yuan/ton to 11,200 yuan/ton, and implemented at the beginning of the month. Based on the expected reduction in spot prices, merchants offered wide profit offers, and the atmosphere of inquiries in the market was dull. In terms of dry glue road reform: the main supply price was raised by 200 yuan/ton, and it was implemented at the beginning of the month. The merchants were mainly unable to close their orders. A small number of merchants offered higher orders, and the atmosphere of the inquiries in the venue was good. Jinlianchuang believes that supply prices have risen, and oil glue and dry glue roads will go up around the National Day holiday.

Butadiene: Today, the domestic butadiene market is slightly quieter. As the holiday approaches, the downstream inquiry enthusiasm is weakened, and the market is mainly delisted and wait-and-see. The market trading atmosphere is general. Jinlianchuang believes that the supply and demand side after the holiday is weak, and merchants have bearish expectations. It is expected that the domestic butadiene market will continue to be weak in the short-term and pay attention to market transactions.

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